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Lighting With LWC

Salesforce Lightning Training with lwc Development With Lightning Theory: 45 Sessions With Project Lab: 90hrs Fee: 12000/-

Implementation of Project in Classic and SPA(Lightning)
Chapter1:Introduction to Lightning
What is Lightning?
What is Aura?
What is Java Script Library?
Chapter2: Let’s start Working
Creating a Lightning Application
Various Namespaces
Working with Application and Components
Adding CSS
Adding Java Script
Adding Apex
Building a SPA
Understanding Design
Understanding Helper
Understanding Renderer
Understanding SVG
Chapter3: Communicating with Events
Component Event handling
Application Event handling
Event handling at Client Side
Event Handling at server Side
Chapter4: Designing the UI
Adding UI Elements to a page
Chapter5: Working with Server Side Controller
Lightning Data Service
What is Aura?
Saving a Record
Creating a Record
Deleting a Record
Handling Record Changes
Handling Errors
Considerations and Limitations
Lightning Data Service Example
force: Record Preview
Save Record Result
Chapter6: Controlling Access
Application Access Control
Interface Access Control
Component Access Control
Attribute Access Control
Event Access Control
Chapter7: Using Object-Oriented Development
What is Inherited?
Inherited Component Attributes
Abstract Components
Inheritance Rules
Caching with Storage Service
Initializing Storage Service
Using the App Cache
Enabling the App Cache
Loading Resources with App Cache
Distributing Applications and Components