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Salesforce Regular Training in Hyderabad, inc. provides enterprise cloud computing applications. It provides a comprehensive customer and collaboration relationship management service to businesses of all sizes and industries and also provides a technology platform for customers and developers to build and run applications. The company has designed and developed its applications to be easy-to-use and intuitive solutions that can be deployed, customized and integrated with other software applications. offers its services on a subscription basis, primarily through its direct sales efforts and indirectly through partners. The company was founded by Marc Benioff, Parker Harris, Dave Moellenhoff, and Frank Dominguez in February 1999 and is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

oscar it solutions is the only prestigious Institute in India that delivers its training in collaboration with the original Inc Company. This Institute trainer approach and guidance has been appreciated by the Company and has partnered with them to Increase the number of IT professional to work on this platform. The Institute has delivered its trainings and workshops across several Universities in India and UAE, including prestigious IIT Chennai, IISC Bengaluru, Autonomous Universities like Malla Reddy Institutions Group, Vardhaman Institutions Group and many more.

Be a part of the Global Training Institute which also has maximum number of placements track record to kick start your IT career. We offer multiple programs on training to cater students from different academic and professional backgrounds and skill levels and ensure their growth and placement

Various Training Programs Offered :
1) Regular Training (RT )
2) Project Training (PT )
3) Mastering (MSF)
4) Job Guarantee Program (JGP)
5) Recruiting Program (SRP)
6) Lightning Experience

Introduction to cloud computing MVC pattern
SaaS, PaaS, IaaS Job Profiles in
Introduction to
Platforms of
Environments of
Editions of Working with Trailhead
Multi Tenant Architecture Registering with
  • These next 3 Modules help a student to understand how to develop an Application in a GUI environment. This step helps students to gain confidence to work on this platform
  • Ours is a unique methodology of training the platform
  • Use the Handouts for Theory sessions and Lab manual for Lab Sessions- it helps you in mastering the subject.
  • Enables preparation for 201 / 301 / App Builder 1 Certifications

Let’s Start Configuration – Creating The Foundation Of Every Project Theory Sessions - 10

LAB Exercises 45 Hours
Apps, Tabs, S-Object, Fields, Relationships.
Working with Classic and Lightning Interface.
Working with custom components
Principles of designing projects
Discussion of 6 projects of with the above principles
Filtering Data through Validations of Master Data
Designing Page layouts
Designing Search Layouts
Record Types

Administration – Setting Up & Monitoring In The Production Environment Theory Sessions – 12

Lab Exercises 30 Hours
Data Migration - Import Wizard / Data Loader Security Management - Data Security
Schema Security / User Security Organization Security
Profiles Roles Queues Public Groups OWD Sharing Rules Permission Sets
Communication Templates Domain Management
Mobile / Email / Desktop Administration Reports and Dash Boards with Advanced features
Working with Workflows & Approval Process Working with Process Builder

CRM – Most Essential Domain Of Every Successful Business Theory Sessions- 8

Lab Exercises 24 Hours- Working with CRM Implementations
Working with Standard components of Domains
Industries – Clients- Communications, Financials, Health Care Education, Hi – Tech, Manufacturing, Transport, Media & Entertainment, Human Resources.
Vendors - Landscape of Applications CRM Architecture on SFDC - Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud & Service Cloud.
Marketing, Sales, Call Centre, Chatter & Sites Working with SFDC CRM
Campaigns, Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Products, Price Books, Quotes, Orders, Assets, Activities, Case, Solutions More about
PaaS Components – CRM Web to Lead, Auto Response, Assignment Rules, Mail to Case, Campaign members, Account Territory Management
CRM as a Functional Domain as a Solutions Bridge

CRM – Most Essential Domain Of Every Successful Business Theory Sessions- 8

Lab Exercises 24 Hours- Working with CRM Implementations
Chapter 1: Introducing Apex Chapter 2: Apex Development Process Chapter 3: Apex Quick Start
What is Apex? What is the Apex Development Process? Writing First Apex Class
How Does Apex Work? Create a Developer or Sandbox Org Create a Custom Object
Developing Code in the Cloud Learning Apex Adding an Apex Class
What's New? Writing Apex Using Development Env Add a Test Class
Understanding Apex Core Concepts Writing Tests
Chapter 4: Data Types & Operators Chapter 5: Classes & Objects Chapter 6: Collections
Primitive Data Types Understanding Classes List
Complex Data Types Apex Class Definition Set
Expressions and Operators Class Variables / Methods Map
Chapter 7: Working with Data in Apex Chapter 8: Execution Flow in Apex Chapter 9: Interfaces in Apex
DML Exception Handling Batch Apex
SOQL Annotations Schedule Apex
SOSL Assertions Stateful and Comparable
Chapter 10: Working with Apex Triggers Chapter 11: Working with Apex Controllers Chapter 12: Working with Apex Web services
Trigger syntax Standard Controllers SOAP
Trigger Context Variables Custom Controllers REST
Validations and Automations Extensions BULK

Building Rich User Interfaces With Visual Force

Working with VF Components (Tags )
Working with VF Components (Tags ) Input Tags Action Tags Output Tags Misc Tags
Page inputCheckbox commandButton outputField dataTable
PageBlock inputField commandLink outputLabel column
PageBlockSection inputFile pageBlockButton outputLink dataList
PageBlockSectionItem inputHidden pageMessage outputPanel facet
Detail inputSecret panelBar outputText panelGrid
enhancedList inputText panelBarItem - panelGroup
listViews inputTextArea sectionHeader - flash
relatedList selectList tab, tabPanel - iframe
- selectRadio toolbar - image