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  • indiyaSe.in is also a online pharmacy that aims at making healthcare delivery simple, accessible and affordable. To ensure this, indiyaSe has brought together doctors, pharmacist, labs and consumers on a single platform. indiyaSe Medicines Core-medicines Covid essentials Surgicals My wallet my account
  • indiyaSe : The One-stop shopping destination. E-commerce is bringing a new shift in the way we all shop in India.. indiyaSe is going to offer everything you can possibly imagine, from medicines to electronics and latest fashion staples like clothing, shoes including home appliances, home furnishings etc. Shop from the comforts of your home.
  • Medicines : Nobody likes to leave their home looking for medicines and Covid 19 essentials when they are suffering from a runny nose or high fever. Imagine getting your medicines delivered right at your doorsteps when you are sick. That is the kind of advantage you have when you choose indiyaSe.in
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