Graphic Design

At OpenPixel Academy students learn the fundamental value of typography, imagery, ux, and more in Graphic Design. After completing this course, you will start designing brochures, posters, eBooks, Logos, Website Mockups, Mobile App designs, and other digital media.

You will be given training in worlds most popular design software Adobe Photoshop for designing work such as flyers, banners, image editing etc., Adobe Illustrator for vector drawings such as logos, illustration work, brochures, infographics etc. , and Adobe InDesign for catalogs, booklets, books.

You will understand the advantages and differences between different graphic design work from experts and with more activities which makes you perfect in Graphic Designer role.

Our Process

The training will be provided by expert hands in the domain. Our trainers are pure designers who worked on many projects and still delivering their expertise services to different clients across the world.


OpenPixel Academy has a different mission comparing to other training institutions in the industry. OpenPixel Trainers are not just a faculty, they are pure designers who are working on different projects. You will be in experts hands

Flexible Sessions (Classroom/ Online)

The technology is advanced.. You do not need to spend time on travel to attend the session. Sit back and relax at your home/office to watch the class and complete activities in your free time. Complex doubts? Visit weekend Activity Sessions to participate and clarify your doubts.

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